In „Diana / 0752″, a film by Luisa Eugeni, based on an idea by Alexandra Morales, we follow dancer Alexandra Llorens through a bordel in Walle, a working-class neighbourhood in Bremen, a city in the north of Germany. Through the constant change of perspective, between host and visitor, camera and spectator, her confrontation with the building creates an increasing loss of orientation. The body becomes a carrier of narrative encounters, sounds and voices, which cannot find reconciliation with what we see. Sexuality as a means of power as well as an instrument of liberation and a symbol of identity: between bizarre images and a dream-like atmosphere, the film scrutinises society’s ambivalent attitude towards sex work and prostitution. The film was made as part of The Gone Together Project by Alexandra Morales and Unusual Symptoms, the dance company-in-residence at Theater Bremen.  

Film by: Luisa Eugeni


Idee from Alexandra Morales

By and with : Alexandra Llorens

Camera: Luisa Eugeni and Anke Peters

Sound design : Nils O’Swald

©Luisa Eugeni; Anke Peters /2021

“The Gone together Project” by Alexandra Morales