2021: Every day, around 150 animal and plant species become permanently extinct around the world. Nowadays, the term biodiversity no longer merely describes the concept of biological diversity, but above all a condition that is in the process of being lost. Forgotten, displaced, lost – a lot has changed since humankind has been ravaging the earth. Cities have been built, forests cleared, habitats taken and poisoned. Species extinction is accelerating. The great disappearance surpasses anything we can imagine.
As a choreographic approach to a non-human world, REVUE opens the doors for a journey into the past. Exemplarily, what has long since disappeared is called up. Bodies move across a catwalk and try to discover in their movements what connects them to the extinct species. An evening about the ending and about the possibility of a new beginning

“REVUE. On the death of species”

By Jan Eichberg, Felix Rothenhäusler, Theresa Schlesinger
Direction: Felix Rothenhäusler
with: Annemaaike Bakker
Nadine Geyersbach, Irene Kleinschmidt, Alexandra Llorens, Siegfried W. Maschek, Matthieu Svetchine, Andy Zondag
Stage collaboration Carla Maria Ringleb
Costum Elke von Sivers 
Light Norman Plathe-Narr
Musik Jo Flüeler, Moritz Widrig
Dramaturgie Theresa Schlesinger
Choreographie Andy Zondag
Photo credits: Jörg Landsberg