Hungarian choreographer Máté Mészáros’ works are characterised by their display of high levels in physical intensity as well as by an intelligent approach towards the relation between choreography and audience. After first introducing himself in Bremen with 2016’s NEXTtoME, he now returns for his second collaboration with company Unusual Symptoms.
For Spektrum, Bremen video arts collective Urbanscreen creates a space that generates astounding changes in perspective by playing with video and lighting. In an act of toying with the distance between space, body and sound, all the while being on a quest for an irritating handling of our concept of time, Meszaros develops a choreography that puts our usual perception to an appealing test.

With : Aaron Samuel Davis, Gabrio Gabrielli, Alexandra Llorens, Nora Ronge, Andor Rusu, Young-Won Song, Antonio Stella

Choreographie: Máté Mészáros
Stage and video: Urbanscreen (Till Botterweck and Ana Romão)
Costums: Anna Lena Grote
Music: Aaron Porteleki
Dramaturgie: Gregor Runge


©Jörg Landsberg/2019