14 Tarots cards are the base of an individually made performance for each spectator: The lover, the death, the justice, the strength, the hermit, the pope, the fool, the emperess, the wheel of fortune, the moon, the sun, the judgment, the world and the temperance. 

How do we relate to the topics of love, death, nature, power etc. yet in a very specific and individual way? To what extend is our own perception of the world already influenced by our cultural background? Where we grew up and where we live? The performance invites to create a feeling of intimacy, a room for imagination, reflection and phantasm about one’s own life. 

By Flying Cats Company

Choreography and performance: Alexandra Llorens

Musical composition and Sound Design: Nils O’Swald

Cards game realisation : Annabel Lange “New earth artist”

Photos Credits : Karl Rummel

Supported by Schwankhalle, Homo Novus Festival Riga and Theater Bremen

Duration : 15 minutes per spectator