Catalan choreographer Núria Guiu Sagarra repeatedly deals with the question how the internet age influences our perception of the body. Which kinds of body images and ideas appear on the screens of devices, and what happens if you relocate those images back onto the stage? In a series of solo works, Núria Guiu Sagarra developed a refreshing perspective on the body in the reflection of its digital reproduction, gaining international recognition in the process. She transfers this debate onto the Unusual Symptoms ensemble, the Theater Bremen dance company, in „Futuralgia“. Following the lockdown in spring 2020, the rehearsals themselves shifted to the internet, expanding the collective examination of the cultural instruments of the digital age to include a level of immediate personal experience. A comprehensive research of the digital gaze on bodies and their representations emerged in between Zoom sessions, workout apps, and yoga tutorials. How are bodies represented in the digital realm? What impact does this yield on the production of personal and collective identities? In „Futuralgia“, Núria Guiu Sagarra and Unsual Symptoms develop a choreography based on these questions as well as on the personal movement archive of the performers, a choreography featuring a hybrid dance vernacular that shows the bodies in the mirror of their virtual effigies.

By and with: Aaron Samuel Davis, Gabrio Gabrielli, Alexandra Llorens, Nora Ronge, Andor Rusu, Young-Won Song
Choreography: Núria Guiu Sagarra
Set, Costume & Light Design: Anna-Lena Grote
Music: Nil Ciuró
Dramaturgy: Gregor Runge
Artistic advisor: Esther Freixa
Choreography collaboration: Andy Zondag
Internship: Jerneja Fekonja
Production management: Alexandra Morales
©Jörg Landsberg / 2020