“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” (Andy Warhol) – With “Young dogs do cry sometimes”, Samir Akika, Unusual Symptoms and Young Actors/Junges Theater Bremen the realise their long-held desire to create a collaborative effort. They turn the stage into a laboratory for this game with one’s own identity and the invocation of unforeseen events. Together, dancers*, young performers*, visual artists* and a band scrutinise their ideas of art and life while they put their biographies aside and reinvent themselves. Performative self-portraits emerge between dance, text and music, only to be immediately refused, images that overlap and scenes – no-one knows where those came from, or where those are headed. Because the stage, just like the films, gives us a beginning, a middle, and the end. Just not necessarily in that order.

By Samir Akika / Unusual Symptoms and Junges Theater Bremen

Visual artist : Anja Fußbach
Musicians: Jayrope, Stefan Kirchoff  and Simon CamarattaCostumes: Anna Lena Grotte

©Jörg Landsberg/2020